Effects of online small business on regular Mummies

I could tell you how perfect my home and studio is.

A view on the Challenge of Handmade in Australia

We are so privileged to live in an age where inspiration

Illustrate the Editor by Naomi Fenn

Naomi Fenn is the designer and artist behind the latest artistic

My Crafting Companions

In my final blog post I wanted to chat about one

Social Media Tips For Creative Businesses

“Given that none of us have endless hours to dedicate to

Why do you stock that?

Why do you stock that? Last year, I decided to actually

5 Small Business Marketing Tips

“How can i apply what you have said about building a

Fast Five with Peacock & Lotus Designs

Today we meet Nalin Kiczurczak from Ngunnawal in the ACT (Australia).

Magazine articles, behind the scenes

On Tuesday we had a little look behind the scenes at

Creative Coffee Tables

We are currently renovating our coffee table to give it a

Blueberry Bliss

Today’s creative collection is all about BLUEBERRY! See the treasury here.

WIN a ticket to the 2014 Artful Business Conference

[ COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED ]   The Artful Business Conference

Scrap It TV, behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Scrap It TV with Dawn Lewis

How did I get here?

Greetings to you!  My name is Dawn Lewis, and I’ll be

I have nothing to wear!

It’s that common wardrobe dilemma we all face from time to time.

10 Handmade Products I Adore

1. Family Birthday Calendar Not only do I think this is

10 Quickfire Creative Business Tips from our Bestselling Partners

Richard Branson says that for any business, it’s good to have

My Crafty Confession

Hello– I’m Rachel Moore founder of the online marketplace Not in

Top 5 Tips For Selling Handmade Products Online

If you’re thinking of creating a business out of your passion,

Behind the scenes of Not in Shops

When Not in Shops first began I completely underestimated the work

11 Must-Do Textile Tours and Craft Tours in India

When it comes to travelling, are you the artsy-craftsy kind who prefers

7 Reasons Why Creative Entrepreneurs Must Have a Social Media Strategy

It is farthest from the truth that creatives just create or

Smart DIY – Shadowbox Art

Cutlery of certain brands comes packed in shadow boxes, you might

Interesting Handmade Jewellery

Circle Pin Brooch – Pursey Galore & More (America) Oxidised Copper

The last from me…

Today is my last post for *bespoke* magazine.  I’ve really enjoyed

Sweet Potato Rosemary Biscuits

Oops, there was a link error in this week’s *bespoke* e-newsletter.

I love doing easy DIY projects for around the house.

As you have now established with my previous blog posts, I

Smart DIY – Wood Block Art

I am sure many of you face the same situation –

Early Bird Orders for Issue 13

The inner animal edition of Bespoke Magazine is due for release 1

Project Life is a big part of me.

Project Life is truly is a HUGE part of me, and

A little lost without photo editing apps

Regardless of if you are a paper-crafter or not, phones are

Project ‘my’ Life.

You may have heard of Project Life. It’s a way to

Craft Benefits Your Children

One thing I know for sure is that my girls have

Kellie Winnell : A bit of this and a bit of that

HELLO, I am Kellie Winnell, the guest blogger for this week

Creative Spaces :: Tarryn Carr :: Creating, Mothering and Looking Peachy

The last few days have been pleasantly crazy due to the

Issue 13 – The Yarn

In the next issue of *bespoke* magazine we are focusing on

A Brooch Bouquet :: Hand Made, Simple, Beautiful, Meaningful

Have you ever seen a brooch bouquet? It was a new

Kirri-Mae Sampson :: Creative Spaces :: She’s a tactile one…

Kirri-Mae Sampson is a Melbourne based textile artist who specialises in

Creative Spaces :: Mezz Coleman :: Creativity in Chaos

Mezz Coleman is a singer, songwriter, crafter and op-shop enthusiast based

Why do you create?

Hello there! Are you a creative type? Considering you’re reading this,